Name, address:
Company name: PIRAZOL Gyártó, Szolgáltató, Kereskedő Kft.
Used short name: PIRAZOL Kft.
Premises: 3100 Salgótarján, Fülemüle út 9.

The company was established in 1993 and is owned by Pharmatech Europe AG.

During the first year after its establishment, the company functioned on a rented 5000 m2 site, then in August 1994 it purchased its own premises which it is still working on.
On the 5700 m2 parcel buildings occupy 2150 m2 including offices, stores and a 1800 m2 production area. In 1999 and 2005 a 1000 m2 crane-rigged hall was built converting a part of the production area, from funds won on tenders.

Main profiles:
  • design, manufacturing and mounting of steel constructions.
  • design, manufacturing, installing and mounting of oil and chemical industrial pressure vessels made of alloyed and unalloyed materials.
  • design, manufacturing, installing and mounting of pressure vessels made of alloyed and unalloyed materials for general use.
  • manufacturing, installing and mounting of tanks made of alloyed and unalloyed materials for general and dangerous material storage.
  • mounting of industrial technological pipeline systems for forwarding combustible and corrosive liquid.
  • installing, repair and mounting of industrial boilers, equipment for boiler-houses and building engineering.
  • identification of various kinds of unique, special welding tasks and material:
    • unalloyed and lightly alloyed steel structures
    • highly alloyed (ex.:stainless) steel structures, special alloys
    • aluminium alloys
    • finding malfunctions and working out repair technologies.
  • development of repair technologies in the field of pressure and non-pressure vessels and getting the approval of the competent authorities (e.g. The Main Supervisory of Technological Security).
  • welding technologies:
    • complete elaboration of welding technologies
    • solution of special welding tasks
    • assessment of technologies before implementation.
  • making plans for raw material and weld inspections
    • technological re-examination of pressure , non-pressure vessels and containers for storage of dangerous materials
    • planning of weld inspections.
  • design:
    • design of pressure not pressure containers, containers and equipment for storing dangerous and flammable materials
    • design of pipelines
    • planning of restructurings ( for different usage than the equipment was originally designed for )
    • local recording of data and parameters needed for planning
    • getting the approval of the plans from the authorities for implementation.

  • Manufacturing, implementation

    Production abilities:
    maximum weight: 10.000 kg/pcs
    maximum overall dimension: cross-section: 3000/15.000 mm
    maximum cross-section to chipp: cross-section: 500/4000 mm
    maximum diametre to roll: cross-section: 3000 mm
    maximum gauge number to roll: Lv. 20 mm.

    Material qualities
  • unalloyed, constitutional basic and fine all-purpose steels
  • middling alloyed constitutional steels exposed to heavy duty use for pressure vessels and boilers
  • abrasion-proof materials (Hardox, Veldox steels)
  • aluminium alloys

  • Technologies
    material braying: scissors, autogenous and plasma cutting
    chipping: lathe work, drilling, milling
    welding: gas, hand-arc, AWI, metal-arc inert-gas and submerged-arc welding
    weld inspections: destruction and magnetic inspections in approved laboratory
    plate shaping: plate and seaming roll
    surface preparation: sand blasting
    surface protection: painting

    Our company services all of its existing and future clients as a reliable partner.
    In case our written introduction raises your interest in entering into business connections with us, we are pleased to be at your service.